Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If your back is wack...

There is a new missionary group here from OK and one of them is assisting at the chiropractic clinic here at the parish for the week. I finished one of my clinicals early yesterday, and took full advantage to learn what this practice is all about. This man was intensely passionate about his chiropractic work. He explained the entire philosophy-that everything is cured from the outside in and it is all about aligning your spine. He told me my spine was "a mess", and although it was very relaxing to have every bone in my back cracked, I think I'll stick to latte and chocolate therapy.

This week we have been scrambling to finish the big project due this Friday. It is almost done-just a few finishing touches to add! We're all anxious to be done and give our afternoon "siesta" time a new meaning.

This morning I helped out at the nursing home-a beautiful facility that is run by an order of nuns. Despite the vast cultural differences down here, there is not much that separates an elderly Peruvian from an elderly American. I really enjoyed listening to the residents stories and we had some fun painting the ladies' nails.

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