Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week #2 Update!

Whew! It has been quite a busy week...

All four of us nurses started Monday off in bed. Yes, the traveler's curse got 100% of us. "Ay ayy ayyy!" <peruvian accent>, as they say! Thankfully we recovered just as fast as it wiped us out and are all out and about again. Amen

I spent some time bonding with the patients at the Hospice on Monday. I was able to meet all of them during the visit, by assessing each of them. Afterwards, I learned their charting system, bringing back some lovely memories of St. Anthony's! Check out their charts!

Tuesday, I was excited to deliver food packages for the first time. We went with one of the church's social workers, Aracelli, and Louis, who was much needed for lifting the heavy packages. It was interesting to observe different family's homes and the social worker's quick assessment. This is a wonderful program that forms a special connection between families. It helps them to make ends meet by providing basic needs and checks up on the family as a whole. One thing I can still not figure out, is how Aracelli and Louis knew where all of the family's houses were. We drove into village of hundreds of straw huts-not very distinguishable-with no addresses, mind you, and the driver knew exactly where each family lived. Crazy!

Today was filled with more time at the Hospice. Bed sores are a huge problem with bed-bound patients living in hospital and home settings. Their sores are often not treated until they are admitted here. I've had a lot of practice changing wound dressings, and am happy to say I can notice a difference in many of the sores just over one week. Pictured is the inside of the Hospice chapel and below is myself with Felix-always wearing a smile!

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