Saturday, June 25, 2011

Welcome to my favorite clinical site: The Natural Health Spa

We spent our Saturday morning clinical at the Natural Health Spa in Piura. Earlier this month we learned a little bit about this health service through a guest speaker, Lydia. She introduced us to the idea of healing through manipulating our body's "energy". Lydia came around and read our hands, indicating which side of our body energy enters and leaves. She also taught us about "urine therapy", chakra and the idea of different colored foods having different health benefits (i.e. red food is good for your heart). All very interesting, however, none of her methods really captured me until our visit to her Spa today. Although I was excited beforehand for this alternative clinical, I never would have thought it included a 45 minute body massage. Life is good :)

Also, our big Aggregate project is DONE! If I didn't already mention it, we did an Aggregate Assessment of the community's hospice, Los Angeles. Yesterday we presented our findings to the parish and hospice staff. It went very well. The parish's psychologist now wants to implement a music therapy program, as we had suggested as an intervention to aid in patient coping. Also, the nurses were receptive to our observation of dehydration risk and are going to start keeping cups of water at the patient's bedside. Success!

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