Friday, June 3, 2011

Downtown Lima

Just finished up a wonderful day of touring Lima. Two ways of describing the city: beepbeep and great people.

The traffic system-or lack there of-was quite amusing. It was like everyone in the city was playing bumper cars, but instead of bumping, it was a game of honking horns. I was constantly in check with my surroundings because although the beep-beep became background noise by the end of the day, crossing the street was playing frogger. It was madness and drivers had zero mercy.

Contrary to the aggressive driving, the people were amazing and so helpful. I don't know if it was the fact that we were the only Caucasians among a city of dark-skinned, dark-haired people, or the fact that we had our maps out-automatically making us look lost-at all times, but everywhere we went we were treated with warmth and a guide in the right direction. We had a fabulous lunch along the Rio Rimac, where the owner of the restaurant gave us a house sampling of ceviche, the national dish. We also toured the catacombs in San Francisco church, saw the changing of the guards in Plaza Mayor, and finished off the day with a fountain light show in Parque Reserva-where we even met some students from Madison!

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