Sunday, June 5, 2011


I am already starting to feel well acquainted with life at Santisimo Sacramento. Everyone is so welcoming. We have been well nourished with lots of carbs (pasta, potatoes and rice, oh my!), and chicken. The apartment we are staying in is wonderful too. It has lots of space, which came in handy for a half attempt at a workout video today. The bugs and cold showers are still a fight at getting used to. I woke up with a puffy eye this morning...I'm hoping that marinating my sheets in bug spray will take care of that. I'll keep you posted!

Today and yesterday consisted of touring the city. We saw clinical work sites, including the local ER, battered women's shelter, Drug and Alcohol Detox Center (La Vida Nueva), the girl's school (Madre del Redentor), parish clinic and operating room, part of a village where we will be doing home visits, and more! It was A LOT to take in. Throughout all the places we saw everyone was so full of life and spirit...spreading smile after smile. I know it sounds cliche, but even with the language barrier, they are just happy to have you in their presence. I can already feel my Spanish improving. It is hard because there is so much I want to say to them. Two girls in the nursing group are minoring in Spanish which has become very helpful :)

This is on the top of the tower at Santisimo Sacramento. The view is beautiful!
Also, for the first time in a long time church hasn't been so bad! (I know, crazy!) We went last night for the first time, and again tonight. People are clapping during every song, some even dancing. The little girls run up and sit with you, and leech onto your arm during the service. Everyone tries to kiss you during the sign of peace. The lights go out for the consecration of the host. It is really something to experience.

Tomorrow we begin our first clinical experiences. Can't wait!

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