Monday, June 6, 2011

Mis Familias!

Today we spent time at La Vida Nueva and had a lunch with families involved in the Family to Family Program.

We heard testimonials from the drug addicts at La Vida Nueva and spent some time getting to know them. The center uses the 12 step process, and focuses soley on spiritual healing aka NO MEDS. I think that is amazing, wow. Also, it is the only voluntary program in Piura. They have had financial hardships sustaining, however the men invited us back so they could cook us their fattest duck! What an honor!

Our lunch today was really special. I met my home family, as well as Marquette's family from the Family to Family program. The mother and son of my family ran up to me as I got out of the van with pictures of all the Peiffers in hand. It was awesome to finally meet them face to face. They displayed the pictures on our assigned table and asked me question after question-wanting to know EVERYTHING from our birthdays to how Mother's Day was. It was priceless. Meeting Marquette's family was equally rewarding. Their baby girl, Jessica Stephanie, named after two Marquette nursing students from last year is now 4 months, chubby and adorable!

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