Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lunch, Laughs and Luisa

Today we served the elderly in the village at La Legua at a senior center built by the Parish. A few of the women I recognized from home visits. One of them-a woman I checked on today-is known for her appearances with Padre Jose on his motorcycle [yes, Padre rides a motorcycle!]. She showed us a picture during the home visit, and sure enough, she emerged from the doorway with Padre for some after-lunch entertainment.

Highlight #2 of my day, was spending mass with Luisa, the mother of my adopted family. She went on and one after mass about how grateful she is to have us in her life and that we are a gift from God. She also remembered from our lunch the other day that I had mentioned my brother Matthew's birthday is on the 21st-and she even remembered he will be 20! [Impressive-I had a hard enough time remembering their names]. Something I have learned being down here for a week, is that nothing goes without celebration in Piura. She made sure to tell Padre this evening so he would announce it at mass on the 21st of the month.

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