Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peruvian Fiesta? CHECK

First, Hailey update: after consulting with a plastic surgeon that specializes in hands, it has been determined that her tendon was severed from the broken glass. Unfortunately, she had to make the difficult decision whether to return home or not, because there is a small three week window to surgically fix the tendon. Please keep her in your prayers everyone!

Yesterday was packed full of activities! I spent the morning debriding and changing wound dressings at the hospice, joined some school children for a music lesson, spent time with a mother and her four young girls at the new woman's shelter, and finished off the day with a fiesta in our honor!

The fiesta was a great opportunity to have fun with children from the community and the MC was your classic Spanish channel host. He actually had a job in Miami for a while and won first place what is equivalent to "American Idol" for South America. The video will reveal the lucky audience member he chose to serenade to.

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