Sunday, June 19, 2011

We love to see you smile!

Friday was filled with a lot of fun with family and friends.

We took our family to the market and used money Marquette nurses had raised from last year to buy them a new bed, some blankets and sheets. Afterwards, we saw their home for the first time. It was spacious; ...including two nice sized bedrooms, a kitchen, open living space, and outdoor area where they kept chickens and ducks. The new bed we gave them was for 4-year-old Kiara. She was extremely excited for the new addition, and it appears the bed will serve as a great jungle gym as well.

In the evening, us nurses put on an ice cream social for the staff. I've never seen 16L of ice cream go so fast! The staff loved it, especially the whipped cream!  We went around squirting it in everyone's mouth, as the staff would chant the victim's name. It was a riot!

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